Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ahead Of The Times

The moment I've been dreading has finally arrived. I've decided to start on the head while I figure out if I'm going to try to include wheels on the unfinished legs. To me, this is going to be the hardest part of the Optimus Prime Halloween costume. If it looks *really* stupid it's going to ruin the whole costume. I know it won't be 100%, but I'm shooting for 75% at least. Maybe 60%, heh. I started by cutting what would be the mouthpiece out of cardboard.

I then taped it up using scotch tape. Scotch tape would let me have somewhat flexible joints (as opposed to ones that would just tear as masking tape would).

Flexing it back and forth carefully, I stretched the tape enough so Optimus Prime's face mask could take shape.

I then added two more pieces of cardboard on top as most Optimus Prime heads I've seen have this. I guess it makes it look less flat.

In order to keep the shape of the mouth, I realized I'd have to put in a perpendicular piece against it. This would also help set the eyes and the rest of the face back a little bit.

Speaking of eyes, that's what I cut out next:

I taped them to the back of the perpendicular piece. Optimus Prime's face is starting to take shape. (Keep in mind I have to fit my fat head in there, it won't be as svelte as the original.)

At this point I tried painting it:

This went horribly. The paint seeped under the scotch tape and lifted the corners. I thought of a quick solution, using 8 1/2 x 11 sticker paper that I had. I cut a bunch of little rectangles out and 'bandaged' Optimus Prime's face as best I could.

This seemed to be working okay so I finish it off:

Satisfied this *might* work better (anything's better than what I ended up with this morning), I painted it... and it prompty wrinkled to hell. That's what I'm stuck with though.

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Coop said...

Few tips while working with cardboard... To "fuse" it together, use hot glue, its the best glue for cardboard. It can also be used as a caulk to fill in the corrugated edges.

If you want to spray paint it... you'll have to seal it first. There is this stuff you can find at art supplies stores called Gesso. Its basically a water based "primer" that artists use so the material they're painting on does not soak up the paint. It works fantastic on cardboard.

Awesome job. You've inspired me to make a costume of these lengths. It would be super cool if you could make it so the costume could transform from walking robot to truck.