Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Details, Details, Details

After trying things on, I'm happy that it just might work. I figured now was the time to start applying a few details. I colour printed some yellow shapes for the arm. Not every version of Optimus Prime has these but there are billions so I'm allowed to pick and choose. (I have a signed permission slip somewhere.) Below is what I printed out (it's not grainy with bad lighting. I was attempting an Ansel Adams piece):

After carefully cutting these out and doing a dry run (read: laying them on top of the arm and saying 'neat' a few times before I was satisfied), I carefully dabbed wood glue (all I had to work with) in a thin layer on the back and stuck them in place. The idea here was to a.) avoid wrinkling, and b.) to avoid glue seeping out the sides. Worked like a charm, Optimus Prime isn't going to have flakey wrinkly old Transformer arms:

Next up was a bit of self indulgence. I realized I *probably* wouldn't have to paint the torso anymore so I could finally get around to doing the windows. Being about 700 times removed from a special effects engineer, I found two sheets of acetate (overhead projector transparency sheets) leftover from a silkscreening debacle of days gone by. These were great as:

- They were light
- There were two of them
- They're cheap
- They were already paid for

I decided to try using the Gorilla Glue for these as they're essentially plastic and it didn't seem to have any harsh solvents. Acetone sounds a lot like acetate, and though it's been a few years since highschool chemestry, I was pretty sure I was one carbon chain away from costume themed destruction. I laid a thin bead of the glue around the window frame such that when it got squished it wouldn't bleed out onto the side that would be facing people.

For once, everything seemed to work as intended. Until the hinges loosened like that (They're still usable.)

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