Thursday, October 11, 2007

Even Nicer Legs. Err. Leg.

Looking at the leg, while I like the fender, I still couldn't help but think it needed more detail. I decided to do a grill pattern on the front. I began with a rectangle and bevelled the edges.

With that done, I cut the foam into nice bite sized pieces. (I've had mad cravings for strawberry wafers since starting this Optimus Prime costume, let it go.)

Satisfied with this, and admiring the fact I didn't accidentally lop off a finger, I proceeded to bevel the edges. (Hint: If you're following along at home, it helps to number them so you know which piece fits with which.)

If you haven't spotted the trend with this costume yet, let me help. Then I glued them on. (I saw it coming. Did you?)

With the detailing on, I cracked out the blue spraypaint. I'm the last one to toot my own horn, but... that leg looks damned good.

Coming soon: Wheels!

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