Saturday, September 15, 2007

Break A Leg. On Second Thought, Don't.

The foot piece was looking rather lonely so I decided to start on the lower leg. There's not much to it, just a rectangular piece of styrofoam with a foot hole cut out. Around where the foot will go is a bit of a shroud. I start by cutting out the rectangular piece.

Satisfied I might be able to walk with two of those strapped to my legs (walk = shuffle like a severe case of diarrhea struck me), I cut out two more rectangles, each with a corner taken off. Below are what they look like as they're being glued to the front of the lower leg.

... and here's how the legs are shaping up. I still need to put the front of the shroud on it, but I've no doubt it'll eventually look like a Transformer. Hopefully the one I'm going for. ;)


john said...

haha, it's spelled diarrhea. as in, "maybe your costume should have a diarrhea flap."

Hedgecore said...

Corrected. Thanks for spotting that shi- - ... I promised I'd stop with the bad puns. Starting tomorrow.