Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Miscellaneous Body Parts

I'm beginning to run low on styrofoam which means I'm beginning to pick and choose what I want to complete. For now I've decided on the body as I can use the odd shaped leftovers for trim, detailing, etc. I painted one of the shoulders and did some detailing on the forearm:

While this was drying I decided to work a little more on the front of the leg. I cut two rectangular pieces of styrofoam for the foot shroud, cut off the edge where necessary, and glued the pieces in place. This will be trimmed later to make everything flush.

With this little bit of housekeeping out of the way, I got to work on the torso. As the torso bevels towards the waistline starting at about 11 inches down, I've only cut two panels out for the areas that will rest under my biceps.

Using a cooler and some books, I managed to rig things up so I could apply weight to the whole thing.

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