Monday, September 10, 2007

Shoulder Design

I've done a quick preliminary design for the shoulder. Using my ninja like skills in paintbrush (don't ask) I came up with the below.

It's kind of weird going through all this work for a one-off Transformers Halloween costume. A friend asked me last night "What's this say about you?" ... ... "Well. It says I'm DIY inclined, extremely obsessive compulsive, and trying to compensate for the current state of things by bringing a fragment of my childhood to life." I'm honest, gotta give me that. Besides. It's a Transformers costume. It beats going as a pirate. Or a ninja. Or a pirate ninja that shoots pirates out of it's ninja mask. (inside joke - AFH)

I'm going to get the shoulder done tonight and move on to the chest. The gun is on hold right now while I make sure I've got enough materials - - if I get the rest done and don't have enough to finish it I'll probably leave it out. It might not be worth completing if all it'll earn me is a night in an anti-terrorism cell. I'll be sure to snap a complete pic, it's actually starting to look like Optimus Prime.

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