Thursday, September 20, 2007

Surely You Chest

Status: Running low on styrofoam. Girlfriend hasn't left me yet because of this.
Overall: Not too shabby!

With my decision to continue forward with the torso solidified, I cut and glue the remaining side panels in place. There are gaps. There are probably gaps you can see through. There are gaps you could shove 5 dollar bills through... but this isn't that kind of costume. I figure I'll fill them with gap filler which I'll buy on my next materials run (which should happen soon).

With the first 'large' '3D' piece done, I finally feel like I'm accomplishing something. The back, while cut out, still needs to be glued in place. Before that can happen, I need to cut a few inches off the depth of the torso 'box'. (I'm glad I don't fit into a square box, that'd be depressing). The arm holes still need to be measured and cut out. Overall, I really need to hit Home Depot and get some more styrofoam.

Using what little materials I had left, I finished the foot shroud. This basically consisted of carving off the excess styrofoam and glue.

That's it for now. Before the materials run I'm going to do some detail work. This started off as a venture in being obsessive compulsive with styrofoam, I'd be really curious to see if anybody's actually reading this, and moreso if they're making an Optimus Prime costume themselves.


John said...

Hi, I was working on a costume, but could not post a pic to your comments ... please see the link for a photo of my costume:

Hedgecore said...

Beautiful use of stealth duct tape!