Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Windows

As much fun as it would be to move on to the other arms and do something I've just finished doing, I decided to work on the front of Optimus Prime's torso. I began by roughly measuring myself (yes, I'm holding back exactly how many inches, get back to your reality TV knaves) and cut a rectangle out of styrofoam. (If it ended up being a square I think I would have cried.) I tapered it off one inch starting close to the mid point. I think that was the easiest piece to do.

After that I cut out two rectangles for the windows. I then drew two smaller rectangles which would be the cut out part, while leaving enough of a frame around the holes to be strong enough.

With the windows cut out, I bevelled the outer edges using my utility knife (which, of course, you can't really see at all here).

I then put the windows on the torso front. They didn't look like they stuck out nearly enough and besides - - I'm supposed to be able to store some beverages in there, right?

I cut out some spacers that would make the windows 3x as thick. I wasn't satisfied with having them appear flat on the body so I made 4 wedge shaped pieces of foam and mounted them on top. Now the windows would look like the roof of a house so to speak.

Below are two more pictures showing the spacers, wedges, and windows.

Here's a dry run of how they'll look. (Nothing has been glued to the torso front yet. Can we say I'm gonna need crack filler? I know I can!)

Tomorrow? The grill!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this everyday. I have a 5 year old that will crumble if i do not finish his optimus costume...you are a lifesaver! Thanks for being so willing to share....you are savin' me!