Friday, September 14, 2007

The Foot Is Afoo - - -.... Oh To Hell With It

With the costume overall looking alright, I decided to switch gears and start tinkering with the feet. As always, I don't really have much of a plan. I took an old pair of Chuck Taylors from the closet (my girlfriend's glee to get rid of them is gonna turn to angst when she finds out I'm not throwing them away but rather gluing them to 20 lbs of styrofoam) and figure the foot will fit over top of the shoe. Simple enough, just a shoe cap.

I started by cuting out the sides and front.

Then I set up a little mini stonehenge (in sheer homage to Spinal Tap) to let the glue dry...

... which resulted in this. All it needs now is a top...

... which you can see drying here.

I cut a slot out for my ankle, I think that might make it more mobile.

'Cause. Y'know. Strapping a hundred square feet of styrofoam to yourself and 'mobility' go hand in hand.

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