Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ready To Begin Construction

After close to two hours scouring the aisles of Home Depot last night, I've secured enough goodies to begin. I managed to snag:

A utility knife
2 12" lengths of PVC piping (smoke stack ends)
2 3' lengths of PVC piping (smoke stack bottoms / gun)
2 10' lengths of 1/2 inch insulating styrofoam (arms, legs, body, head)
1 10' length of 1 inch insulating styrofoam (chest windows / decorative bits)
1 1/4 inch dowel (to be cut into pegs to hold elements together)
Gorilla Glue (great for styrofoam... apparently)
PVC glue (to glue the PVC gun handle to the gun barrel, and smokestack pieces)

Home Depot didn't seem to have any water based spraypaint (Krylon H2O has been recommended) so I'll have to check Canadian Tire or Rona when I get a chance. I plan to start with one of the more simple elements, namely the forearms. Below are the planned cuts of styrofoam:

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