Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Invitation Has Been Issued!

That's right. I've just received the invite for my friends' Halloween 2007 party. Unlike previous years, I've decided to do things right. With the bad taste of Michael Bay's latest turd (there was only one Transformers movie and it came out in 1986) fresh in my mouth, it's time for Optimus Prime (the real one, not that mish-mosh of CGI triangles) to rise again.

I have until October 27th (the date of the party) to complete the costume. This isn't going to be a red cardboard box complimenting a pair of blue track pants - - I want to do this one right.

Tomorrow I should be heading to Home Depot with Jay, who has graciously agreed to help me get a buttload of materials. The plan so far is for a cardboard core torso as insulating styrofoam... well... insulates. Styrofoam detailing can be applied to the outside without making things look too rickety or too hot to wear. I've decided the chest doors will open towards the shoulders (I'll use two magnets to hold them together when closed) and, given the heat situation, will house a freezer pack and four beverage cans. T'aint the Matrix, but what use have I got for one of those anyway?

54 days to go.

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